09 Herbana In Search Of

Herbana's first product range is called Relief Sari, a single extract supplement from ingredients harvested in Indonesia. Appointed to promote the launch of the product, we think there is no better way to show off the beauty of our own backyard than a series of viral videos.

Featuring Tjok Gde Kerthyasa and shot by Davy Linggar, our 'In Search Of..' series began with a journey to the Kalimantan rainforest, then to Central Java's temulawak plantation and finally to the lush Sumatra's Mount Kerinci.

Director: Davy Linggar, Production House: CMYK Executive, Producer: Wina DP, Scoring: Ricky Lionardi, Creative Direction: Irawandhani Kamarga & Andreas Junus, Art Direction: Andrea Reza, Copywriting: Sarah Diana, Account Management: Johansyah Moechtar, Project Management: Illouka Isaura